Connect your youth with opportunities to support their needs.

Accessing resources and opportunities for your youth can have a significant impact. Resources can fill gaps and address needs that are not being met, allow youth to explore interests and learn new skills, encourage positive risk-taking, add structure to a youth’s schedule, provide a respite for caregivers, and connect youth to the community to form positive connections. You can explore youth opportunities tied to each of the SFCASA Advocacy Areas aimed at comprehensively supporting a young person’s life — well-being, permanency, access to healthcare, placement, independent living skills, and education and career.

There are a plethora of resources available to our youth, from internships and vocational training to academic and extracurricular programs. Please explore the various sections below to learn about the current activities, job postings, and supportive programs that are available, and always check with your case supervisor to explore additional options not listed.