SFCASA Advocate Link

Advocate Link (AL) is SFCASA's online advocacy database. AL connects volunteers to case information, their case supervisor and their strategy for advocacy -- all in one place.


Advocate Link: Click to be connected to the Advocate Link site.

Advocate Link GuideA step-by-step guide for using our online advocacy platform, Advocate Link, with screenshots.

Advocate Link Guide (Educational Rights Holders specific): A step-by-step guide for using our Advocate Link specifically for Educational Rights Holders.


All SFCASA volunteers with a case need to complete Advocate Link training. Here’s how:

OPTION 1: Sign up for and attend an in-person Advocate Link Training Session. We do not have any in-person training opportunities at this time.

OPTION 2: Watch the Advocate Link Training Webinar (below) and complete requested activities. You must complete the following in order to receive 2 hours of continuing education.  

  • Email our Data Specialist and your Case Supervisor to request your Advocate Link login.

  • Watch the Advocate Link Training Webinar (below).

  • Login to Advocate Link and complete the following activities:

    • Upload a photo and update your gender pronouns, preferred language, and all languages spoken.

    • Check that your current employer is correct. If it's not, contact your case supervisor.

    • Check that case relationships are correct and up to date, especially for PSW, Attorney and Educational Rights Holder.

    • Check court hearing date and make edits if needed.

    • Enter the school placement for the current school year

    • If the young person has any education accommodations or special education services, please enter the last IEP, IFSP, or 504 Plan meeting and upload the document.

    • Create your Monthly Survey for this month.

    • Enter 2 logs for activities taken on your case. Please note that the Click to Submit checkbox has been removed from logs. Logs cannot be saved and submitted later, and will now go directly to case supervisors for review when submitted.

  • Email our Training Manager and your Case Supervisor to indicate you have watched the webinar and completed all of the training tasks on Advocate Link. All of the tasks listed above must be completed in order to receive 2 CE hours and to begin officially using Advocate Link.

  • Need a little support to get rolling? Our team is ready to help! Reach out to your Case Supervisor to set up a time to get some in-person support.


This training provides an overview of the activities advocates will complete on Advocate Link.  2 CE.

For support on specific topics, utilize the time references below:

0:05     Welcome & Overview
2:00     Updating Advocate Personal Information
4:04     Case Information Overview
5:00     Adding a Personal Contact Relationship
6:33     Adding a Professional Case Relationship
8:18      Adding a Youth Activity or Employment
10:06    Education Input Overview
11:23     Entering a School Placement
13:33    Entering IEPs
18:00    Entering a School Discipline Record
23:33    Entering High School Credits
26:30    Monthly Survey & Logs
34:49    Bi-Annual Surveys
35:48    Continuing Education Progress
39:24    Advocate Link Guide