Be a Champion for the Rights of a Foster Child

Our advocates champion the rights of foster youth every day. 

With your monthly contribution, you'll become a champion for our advocates (by ensuring they have the resources and support they need to do their work professionally and efficiently) and our city's youth (by providing CASA volunteers who will serve them to the best of their ability). 

Your monthly donation, no matter the size, enables us to plan better and use your gift where it's needed most. Being able to plan ahead lets us confidently put your gift to use in supporting our programs, advocates, and case supervisors. It also helps us stay on track with our program development and expansion goals. 

As a member of our monthly giving program, you'll also get exclusive benefits:

  • VIP access, exclusive deals, and discounted tickets for SFCASA events
  • Invitations to special Champions for Children happy hours 
  • Our quarterly newsletter with the latest about foster care and SFCASA
  • Special recognition in our annual report

Sign up to join the Champions for Children Today! 

Becoming a Champion for Children is simple - make your secure monthly gift by credit card or checking account using the form below.


How does it work?

Monthly Giving is a perfect solution for sustained impact because it's easy for you and easy for CASA. All you have to do is complete a few simple steps:

  1. Decide the amount you'd like to contribute every month (you can alter this or cancel the contribution altogether if something comes up in the future).
  2. Select whether you'd like to pay via a credit card (charged on the first of every month) or from your checking account with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  3. Set it and forget it! We'll keep track of your donations and send you confirmations as we receive your monthly gift. 



Monthly Giving is the most efficient way to make sustained impact:

  1. Program staff spends less money and resources soliciting donors, and instead can focus on supporting our advocates and children.
  2. Consistent giving allows staff to plan more confidently for incoming funds and how to allocate them, making our programs more efficient and allowing us to serve more youth.
  3. Monthly giving is easy! You can provide sustained support at your own set pace with a few simple clicks, and then sit back and relax knowing your gift will continue to renew.