Will you be the voice for a child in foster care? 

"My CASA volunteering gives my life MEANING and is also FUN.  I can schedule it to suit my calendar.  My CASA youth and I jointly choose what to do, so we both have fun. What else am I doing (work, exercise, movie-going, hanging with friends, travel, hiking, biking, cooking, etc.) that could possibly be as meaningful and satisfying as creating an authentic, warm connection with a young person in need of acceptance?"                                          - Monica, current CASA Volunteer

A CASA is an advocate for an abused and neglected child in foster care. In a life full of uncertainty and endless change, you can be one consistent and caring adult. Becoming a CASA is likely to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, full of surprises, challenges, and self-discovery.

Spring Flex Training begins on Tuesday, March 6th. Trainees meet every Tuesday from 6-9pm for five consecutive weeks and will be sworn-in on April 17th.

Seating is limited!

You must be 21 or older to apply.

Are you ready to become a CASA? 

Join us for an Info Session, and take the first step toward becoming a CASA!

Info Session Locations/Times:

  • Mission Street Offices: 2535 Mission Street, 6-7pm
  • Bank of the West: 180 Montgomery, 22nd floor, 12-1pm