Cover the unmet needs of a foster youth. Make a gift today.

Youth and families in the foster care system have unique needs that often go unmet by the system, yet are essential to healthy development and bonding. Your gifts through the GGMG campaign will cover these opportunities, from technology needs or visiting relatives, extracurricular or summer activities, to buying a cap and gown for graduation.


Every gift makes a difference for a foster youth. Here are examples of what your gift can accomplish. 

$45 covers the cost of lunch with relatives or a prepaid emergency cell service.

$100 covers one month of BART to commute to a part-time job at SFO.

$250 covers an outing to an amusement park or baseball game for a family of four.

$500 funds six months of swimming lessons.

$1,000 covers travel to visit a youth placed out of state in residential treatment.

$2,000 covers a security deposit for a young adult transitioning from foster care.

If you like, you can send a check directly to our office at 2535 Mission Street, San Francisco. 

You can also make a donation through a Donor-Advised Fundour monthly giving program, or any of our planned giving options.