Find financial support for your youth's recreational and transitional needs

Use the chart below to determine which funding options are right for you and the needs of your foster youth. More information is included below the chart (click to enlarge).

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

  • Grants up to $250 per year per youth are available; approx. 1-2 weeks for decision from time of submission
  • Minor and non-minor dependents are eligible, but only one grant request may be submitted per year. PV will not fund parent and caregiver needs.
  • Examples of funding include enrichment and tutoring, summer camp and recreational activities, school supplies including clothing for physical education, home and kitchen needs for transitional-age youth, etc.

Checks are made payable only to vendors; reimbursements to CASAs, parents, foster parents or other individuals cannot be provided with the funds.

 To apply for support from PV, CASAs should:

  • Prepare a two paragraph summary briefly describing the child or youth and reason for the request, including the anticipated impact the award will have on the life of the child or youth
  • Include the total amount requested and breakdown of itemized costs and information about to whom (vendor) the check should be made payable, including address (PV will send the check to your CASA Case Supervisor.)
  • Include your name and the name of your Case Supervisor
  • Email the document to your Case Supervisor (Please do not fax directly to PV because the application must come from the SFCASA office.)
  • Click here for more information about PV. 

Youth Opportunity Scholarships

  • Grants up to $500 for youth to try a new recreational activity; 1-2 weeks for decision from time of submission.
  • Dependents in grades 6-12; application must be submitted in collaboration with youth’s SFCASA volunteer.
  • Examples include horseback riding lessons, pottery classes, lacrosse instruction, digital media day camp, etc.

To apply for support from YOS, CASAs should:

  • Support the youth to complete the application and “Student Personal Statement”; if awarded a grant, the CASA should support the youth to complete and submit the brief interim and final reports enclosed in the award package.
  • Click here for more information about YOS.

For more information about other funds listed in the chart above, please contact your Case Supervisor.