Supporting High School Diploma/GED Efforts

For additional information, view the related Continuing Education webinarSecondary Education Achievement (High School and Equivalency Tests)” here.

high school dipLoma/EQUIVALENCY options

Is your youth without a high school diploma, or its equivalent (GED, hiSET)? Are they interested in completing their K-12 education? They have options!

General Education Development (GED) Test

When a student passes their GED test, they receive a California high  school equivalency certificate. Find out about the process and requirements here.

The Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) of the youth’s county should offer assistance with this process. In San Francisco, SF ILSP offers help in both informal (drop-in advice and guidance) and formal settings through their First Foundation  program.

California High School Proficiency Examination

Each person who passes this exam is awarded a Certificate of Proficiency, which is equivalent to a California high school diploma. Check here to learn about eligibility and deadlines.

HiSET Test

The HiSET is an exam similar to the GED. Learn more information here.

High School Diploma Community College Program

Community Colleges offer a variety of high school credit recovery options. San Francisco Foster Youth are eligible to take advantage of the SF Community College system or the community college in the county of their residence.