Checklist for the start of the school year

As the start of the school year approaches, there are a number of ways you can do your best to help your foster youth start the year smoothly.  


Before school starts

Supplies: Check with your youth and their caregivers that they have the school supplies they need.  If the school provides a list, get a copy of it and make sure the youth has a copy as well. 

Identify Self to School: Contact the Foster Youth Liaison at the school and provide them with a copy of your CASA court order and Educational Rights Holder order, if applicable. Provide the school with your contact information.

Enrollment: Contact school administration to make sure the youth is fully enrolled for the year and that both the youth and the academic staff have the information they need to start off the year properly.

Teachers and staff: Reach out to teachers and any relevant counselors or staff to introduce yourself. These are relationships you can (and should) maintain all year.

Transportation: Check and confirm that the youth has a way to get to school and that they know how to use it.

Extracurricular activities: Support your youth in their education beyond the classroom.  Look into opportunities provided by the school and offered nearby that develop their strengths and interests.  See below for a handful of Bay Area resources to get you started.

Scheduling: Your youth's schedule will change as they start school again.  Connect with them and their caregiver about scheduling check-ins and visits that fit with their new routine.

Once school starts

School visit: See if your youth will show you around their school.  This is a great way to start conversations, meet teachers in person, and gain a better understanding of what their academic experience will look like throughout the coming year. 

Academic tracking: Meet with the student’s counselor early in the year to make sure your youth is on track towards graduation.  Keep an eye on grades and credits throughout the year, and follow up with the counselor if questions arise. If your young person's school uses an online system for monitoring grades and assignments, work with the school to receive an account to monitor your youth's education.

Additional Resources:

San Francisco Unified School District Calendar: Includes start dates and holidays

SF School List and Information

Bay Area Extracurricular Resources:

SF Boys and Girls Club: After-school programming for just $10/year.  Space goes quickly!

College Track: This program supports students from the summer before 9th grade through graduation.  Email [email protected] for more information.

100% College Prep: Opportunities to visit colleges, work 1:1 with academic coaches, find support for parents or caregivers, and more.