SFCASA Volunteer Wins a Jefferson Award!

Shelley Gottlieb is an outstanding CASA volunteer who has worked with SFCASA for over five years, serving four different children and always standing up for the rights of San Francisco's foster youth. For her incredible service, she was recently presented with the Jefferson Award, which is awarded to the unsung heroes of our community. We are so proud of Shelley, and so grateful to all the hard work she puts in to supporting the youth she serves.

Shelley has repeatedly gone above and beyond her duty as an educational rights holder and volunteer advocate. She has helped her clients transition to new homes halfway across the country, apply for and gain entry to UC Berkeley’s SOAR program, and has advocated for fair treatment and appropriate disciplinary action in school. She has ensured that all of her client youth have the educational and extracurricular opportunities that many of us take for granted, yet are vital to a developing child.  Even after a case is closed, Shelley goes out of her way to remain in touch with the youth she has served. 

Currently, Shelley balances her CASA duties with her passion for animals. Shelley is a volunteer dog handler for the SF SPCA and with her rescue dog, Hank, she regularly visits hospitals and respite facilities around San Francisco. Due to this interest, Shelley has played a vital role in getting our new Courthouse Dog Program off the ground. 

You can watch Shelley's segment here to learn even more about how she gives back to the San Francisco community. 

shelley and hank jefferson award

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