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Despite continuing public education efforts, myths and misunderstandings about foster care and foster children persist. We often say that foster youth and the dependency system are the ‘best kept secrets’ of our community—due in large part to the privacy issues surrounding the children who are wards of the court. These facts will help you better understand the consequences of foster care and the difference a CASA can make, which you make possible through your gift:

Fact: Seventy five percent (75%) of foster youth suffer from severe emotional disturbances. This is often due to impermanency, neglect, prenatal drug abuse, and exposure to violence. A study found that only 65% of foster children evaluated as needing mental health services were actually receiving them.

A child’s CASA is focused on making sure the child receives all needed and available services.
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Fact: California’s foster children attend an average of 9 different schools by age 18—80% are held back in school by the third grade. Less than half of California’s foster youth will graduate from high school and only 2% graduate from college or higher.

A CASA can become an Educational Surrogate, working with the child and teachers to meet the special needs of an individual child and change these odds. Donate Now

Fact: More than 50% of foster youths are placed outside of San Francisco County because there are not enough beds for them in their home city. Foster youth most likely will change residences up to 7 times while dependents of the court. This usually means they are separated from siblings and lose important connections to their community.

CASAs often provide the only opportunity that siblings have to visit and remain connected as a family, as well as advocating for family to be placed together. Donate Now

Fact: Each year over 4,000 foster youth emancipate in California. They lack a supportive network of adults and generally have no plan for work or housing. Within the first 2 to 4 years after “aging out” of the system, 51% of these young adults are unemployed, 40% are on public assistance, 25% become homeless, and 20% will be incarcerated.

SFCASA has been working closely to develop a program for implementation of the new AB12 changes that allow foster youth to receive vital services through age 21. Donate Now

One CASA for one child can change all this—
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