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The SFCASA program adheres to NCASAA requirements regarding use and graphic presentation of the name “CASA,” its official logo, the slogans “Speak Up For A Child”, and “Give Hope To A Child” and promotional photographs. For answers to questions, additional photos, or logos on dark backgrounds, please contact Renée Espinoza, Executive Director at 415.398.8001 x110 or Requirements are as follows:


  • Only National CASA member programs may use the CASA logos.

  • The logos should not be redrawn or modified in any way.

  • The CASA logos may be used only in connection with programs, promotional materials, and projects directly related to the goals and purposes of the National CASA Association.

  • The CASA logo is always used with the tag line, “A powerful voice in a child’s life.” The position line is placed below the logo in either of the exact positions shown. The font is Franklin Gothic Demi – all caps.

  • The CASA logo must always appear with the trademark symbol – ™.

  • The official CASA logo should be printed in either Pantone Reflex blue or black with a Pantone 185 red heart. The Pantone numbers specified are from a system of color formulation used by printers internationally.

  • The CASA logo and tagline may be printed in white reverse when the logo and tagline are positioned against a dark background.

  • The space for the heart created by the S and the A in the CASA logo should never be printed solid in an ink other than red.

  • The CASA logo is not used on commercially developed or NCASAA-member products for sale to the public except as authorized by NCASAA.

Logos can be used if our name, San Francisco CASA Program, is used adjacent to the logo in 10 pt. font or larger.
Download SFCASA logos HERE.

Logos are to be used if our name, San Francisco CASA Program, is not used adjacent to the logo in 10 pt. font or larger.
Download CASA logos HERE.


  • The “Speak up for a child.” and “Give hope to a child.” slogans are used only by program members of NCASAA;
  • The “Speak up for a child.” Slogan: This slogan always appears in a three-tiered stack with the registered trademark symbol – ®.
  • The “Give hope to a child.” Slogan is a registered trademark of NCASAA. is in the registration process, appears in a two-tiered stack and must be followed by a ™ symbol.
  • Both slogans are used only in connection with promotional materials and projects that are directly related to the goals and purposes of NCASAA.


We are happy to provide you with additional photos, however, we cannot use photos of actual foster use due to privacy issues surrounding the children in dependency.
Download CASA photos HERE.


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